Lights, Camera, Math ‘a’ Magic is coming to Carrick PS on 26th June to visit P4 - P7. Follow the link to find out more :)

A few picks from this evening's quiz!! Competitive stuff - the staff are not performing well!!

We are busy tomorrow making t-shirts and doing archery then packing up and heading for home after lunch. We estimate that we will be home for 3pm and the kids will be excited to see you all and tell you what has been happening!

On behalf of all the staff members here can I just say that the children have been a pleasure to spend time with and they have been a credit to our school, you as their parents and most importantly, themselves! Thank you to all the staff at Share and Mr Lennon, Mrs Hancock and Mrs Sinton who so willingly gave up their free time to help make this trip happen!


Mrs H

Day Two continued:

We had a fantastic time visiting the Marble Arch caves and it was so educational in the process.

Another fun afternoon was spent doing whichever activity they hadn't taken part in yesterday (Banana Boating and Rock Climbing).

We are heading for tea now - what treat will we have???

Day Two:

Last night the children had great fun at the pool before doing a bit of drama before bed. All settled well in their rooms for 'lights out' at 10pm.

I am pleased to tell you that everyone slept well with the only complaints being that we are very warm (it is a beautiful sunny day - so not a bad complaint to have!!!).

We have just munched our way through breakfast and are heading to the Marble Arch caves for the morning!

Day One

We have all settled into our chalets and had a lovely lunch of burger (beef or chicken), chips and salads.

One group has been rock climbing this afternoon whilst the other group have been banana-boating! All are having great fun!

Tonight we are heading to the pool after tea.

P.7 Trip

The P7s have arrived safe and sound at the Share Centre - they are currently making up their beds before having lunch!


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