Dinner Menu

The dinner menu for September can now be downloaded from the Virtual Office page.

Holidays 2013/2014

The Holiday List for 2013/2014 is now available on the Virtual Office Page.

New playground equipment on its way!

The eagerly awaited new playground has finally been passed and the preparation work will be starting soon.  Click here for more details.





Health and Safety Alert - Nut Allergy 

Dear Parent

I am writing to advise you that we have a child in school who suffers from a severe allergy to nuts.  Children with this condition may have a severe reaction, which could prove fatal if they come into contact with nuts.

Consequently, I would ask that no nuts, or related products, are brought into school for your child's break or packed lunch.  Your agreement with this and compliance could prevent a life-threatening situation developing.

I am sure you will appreciate the reasons for making this request and trust that you will give it your full co-operation.

If I can be of further assistance on this matter, or should you require clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

The Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association are providing piping and drumming lessons in Cookstown Primary School.

Would you like to learn to play the pipes or drums?

more info

For the safety of our pupils ......

When you enter the Coolnafrankie Estate, PLEASE :

  • obey the speed limit (15 mph)
  • observe all road markings
  • obey all traffic management signs
  • do not park on the 'Zebra Crossings'
  • do not double park
  • do not park between or obstruct buses

The turning circle is always very busy.  Please act responsibly by ensuring that you consider the safety and wellbeing of all the children on site.

'If in doubt, STOP !!!'     Think Road Safety London

International Schools Award

C.P.S were delighted to hear that the school has been awarded an International Schools’ Award, by the British Council, in recognition of all the International Work that is going on in the various classes.

This is a very prestigious award and was not easy to get. The application process was quite challenging to say the least.

The International School Award is an accreditation scheme for curriculum-based international work in schools.

The scheme provides recognition for teachers and their schools working to instil a global dimension into the learning experience of all children and young people. C.P.S received this award as a result of their ongoing international work which includes Comenius, Dissolving Boundaries and Education for Mutual Understanding projects.

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